Before this Pandemic disrupted everything, our eChannelNEWS media division was delivering important tech news to our channel community. Our ChannelNEXT event division were organizing live conferences up until early February. Our latest division Channel Partner Alliance was helping channel partners in peer-groups to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter businesses. Our parent company, TechnoPlanet was helping to build partner ecosystems for vendors. We are 100% Pure Channel and we have the coffee mug to prove it :o)

Like everyone since the lockdown, we have been trying to cope with this surreal crisis. We are hoping that we can all pull together to beat down this pandemic!

We have done a lot of thinking and doubled down on 4 primary things to support the channel:

  1. Share stories on eChannelNEWS of channel partners, vendors and experts about their perspectives on how they are managing this crisis and planning forward. We continue to connect and talk with our community every day (including sharing recipes). From the feedback we got so far, many are finding some inspiration, insights and tools to better navigate this crisis. Just to know that you are not alone is a good thing! Check out the stories at eChannelNEWS (Thank you for sharing! Subscriptions and views are now way way up over the past couple months!).
  2. Digital-First channel development has become the new normal for all vendors, at least until meeting in-person becomes safe. Fortunately, digital is our wheelhouse so we could help our clients to gear up fast. Feels like 2 years of digital transformation just happened in 2 months! Contact TechnoPlanet if you want an accelerated digital transformation of your channel development playbook.
  3. Helping channel partners to improve their business practices to better weather this storm and come out on top. We doubled down on five key areas (Social Selling; Leadership During Crisis; Digital Marketing; HR Management and Financial Management). Learn more at Channel Partner Alliance.
  4. Launched monthly Virtual ChannelNEXT events to help channel partners and vendors connect, learn and build business. Every month we will focus on a different topic. May is WFH. June is Cyber Security (visit ChannelNEXT to see upcoming events). In-Person ChannelNEXT events will be postponed until it’s safe to resume.

That’s basically what we are doing. If you see something that fits, you know how to reach us.

If you just want to get to know us more or hang out with your peers virtually, then join us on May 27 for our next virtual event – Register now for FREE!