The new Enterprise Carbon Manager (ECM) utilizes Microsoft
.NET technology to collect data from global emissions sources, provides
real-time data feeds, secure global access, and ensures accurate reporting.

“It has become increasingly clear in the face of the climate change
impacting all of us, that every major organization and municipality will have
to find ways to reduce carbon emissions,” said Dr. Ron Dembo, CEO and Founder
of Zerofootprint. “Our Enterprise Carbon Manager provides a solution to this
problem. It is a means to assemble and manage the complex data needed to
calculate and audit carbon emissions.”

ECM offers support for all organizations from small firms to large
multi-nationals with operations around the world. The platform operates on the
Software-as-a-Service model, which enables rapid development and reduces
upfront IT and infrastructure costs. ECM addresses the key difficulties of
Enterprise Carbon Management, the assembly, scrubbing, ordering, and auditing
of data. The core engine has been operating in large-scale production
environments for over five years.

“Microsoft is very pleased that Zerofootprint has chosen .NET as the
platform for this product,” said Mark Relph, Director of Platform and
Developers, Microsoft Canada. “Our technology helps the Enterprise Carbon
Manager deliver a robust, scalable, and enterprise-ready solution.”

Zerofootprint is an organization dedicated to a mass reduction in global
environmental impact. It provides software and services to individuals,
governments, universities, and corporations to measure and manage their carbon
footprint and engage employees and citizens worldwide in combating climate