Zenith Infotech, a leading provider of
backup and disaster recovery, and remote monitoring and management
solutions, today announced the availability of its new near-line business
continuity appliance, ARCA. Distributed exclusively through the
technology ‘channel,’ ARCA is a network-attached storage device for
Windows Servers preloaded with backup, recovery and virtualization

Available in four models, ARCA provides a reliable, affordable business
continuity solution for companies of any size looking to deploy a stand-alone
system they can maintain and monitor independently. Through its unique
ARCA to ARCA replication feature, technology solution providers can virtualize
failed servers remotely in a fraction of the time typically required of other
restoration options. The appliance meets the RPO standards of higher priced
business continuity solutions by indefinitely storing 48 hours of backups at 15-
minute intervals, 14 daily backups, 5 weekly backups and 30 day backups.

ARCA is the newest product in Zenith Infotech’s popular BDR business
continuity solutions series and features:

1. Block-level transfer for more efficient and reliable backups

2. 15-minute incremental snapshots for more frequent recovery point

3. Total Windows Server Backup, which preserves OS and applications as well
as data

4. Exchange granular recovery, allowing restoration down to the message

5. Instant standby server virtualization resident directly on the ARCA

6. Bare metal restore, even to dissimilar hardware

7. Industry standard encryption to ensure secure backups

8. Multiple replication schemes for NAS-to-NAS replication

9. Integrated management and reporting directly on the device

“ARCA is a perfect complement to any organization’s existing tape backups
because of its ability to provide near-term, near-line recovery from a single
file, database or mail message, up to a full production server, in minutes,”
said Akash Saraf, Zenith Infotech CEO. “It’s an ideal solution for organizations
who understand the criticality of investing in a solid business continuity plan,
yet don’t require the breadth and scope of a large monitoring and support

Zenith Infotech’s BDR business continuity solutions, introduced in 2007, offer
a comprehensive disk-based technology for backup and disaster recovery
needs in the small-to-midsize-business market. With more than 10,000
customers throughout North America and Europe, the product gives
technology solution providers a proven business continuity solution that can
be offered under their own brand.