Zadara and InMage announced they are working together to address the growing market for high performance disaster recovery in the cloud. The new InMage and Zadara offering will enable customers to leverage Zadara’s Virtual Private Storage Array service and InMage’s ScoutCloud disaster recovery platform to easily and affordably benefit from highly reliable performance in the cloud. Zadara VPSAs are designed especially for demanding applications which require more than basic cloud server storage. They combine the best of traditional storage area networks (SANs) and cloud storage to provide predictable performance, scale, reliability, and privacy. InMage ScoutCloud leverages next generation recovery technologies including disk-based recovery, continuous data protection (CDP), application snapshot API integration, asynchronous replication, application awareness, and WAN optimization.

“It’s such a powerful combination,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO of Zadara Storage. “Zadara’s innovative VPSA service provides the same capabilities, performance and availability of on-premise, enterprise SAN/NAS arrays, without expensive upfront capital or long-term commitments. Add in InMage’s business recovery software, which can protect on-premise data using Zadara’s off-premise data storage, together with compute and additional services from the biggest names in public cloud, and the result is an instant, reliable, always-ready business recovery site that grows with you, affordably.”

“Cloud providers don’t always support shared storage to run clustered applications, which can lead to variable storage performance in the cloud,” said Rajeev Atluri, CTO, InMage. “This partnership addresses that challenge without customers having to resort to their own hosted solution. They can now take advantage of our data replication and Zadara’s performance-oriented shared storage, resulting in the most reliable and effective disaster recovery for cloud environments.”