Canada will offer Canadians the best video content from around the world
through a local interface that promotes the content most relevant to them.

The site’s localized search features emphasize content produced in Canada
such as promoted videos, featured videos sections on the homepage, where users
will also be able to watch a welcome video to the site created by popular
Canadian YouTube user, TheWineKone.

With local search features such as promoted videos, featured videos, and
homepage promotions, YouTube Canada makes it even faster and easier for the
local Canadian YouTube community to quickly search and view video content most
relevant to them. Additionally, Content uploaded by users in Canada will show
up as “top favourites” and “recommended content” on the YouTube Canada site,
creating a new space for the national community and giving Canadian users the
opportunity to increase their exposure and become local stars, and increasing
their exposure within the YouTube international community as well.

YouTube users in Canada will also have the ability to connect with and
inspire YouTube’s overall global community, the largest online video community
in the world.

“We’re very excited to bring a local version of YouTube to Canada, and
are committed to continuing to improve the YouTube experience for our Canadian
users,” said Chad Hurley, CEO and co-founder of YouTube. “Our goal is to
satisfy the unique needs of the local users and to further strengthen Canada’s
vibrant YouTube community.”

Over time, YouTube Canada will benefit from an entirely “local”
experience highlighting and featuring the content and functionality most
desired by our Canadian users.

In preparation for this launch, YouTube has already signed various
relationships with content partners in Canada – who have established or are
establishing YouTube Channels – including, CBC, CFL, CommandN,
NewsCanada, UNICEF, and SONY BMG Canada.

Presenting at the special launch in Toronto today were popular local
YouTube users thewinekone, mememolly, picnicface and galacticast; as well as
CBC (, (, NewsCanada
(, and CommandN TV (

Welcome to your YouTube site Canada!