When times are tough, who can you count on to
help weather the storm? Mostly likely your friends and family, but what about
the rest of your circle of influence? According to July Ono, author of a new
book titled Your Million Dollar Network, when the economy’s bad it’s even more
important to stay connected, build trust and leverage relationships within
your social network. The key is to use a proven relationship marketing system
guaranteed to attract exceptional people who can help you overcome obstacles
and achieve success in whatever venture you choose.

“As a real estate investor, I’ve attended thousands of networking events
and have witnessed some of the best and worst relationship building strategies
first hand,” said Ono. “In my journey from devastating debt to
multi-millionaire, I’ve learned through trial and error what works and what
absolutely doesn’t. This book has been eight years in the making and I’m so
excited to finally share my secret weapon for financial success so readers can
build their own million dollar network.”

In Your Million Dollar Network, Ono explains how anyone can master the
power of cultivating quality contacts using a continuity program that’s
easy-to-use and designed to turn clients into evangelists. She reveals how by
leveraging the power of relationships, her system can make any business
virtually self-sustaining.

Throughout the book, Ono provides valuable step-by-step instruction along
with inspiring stories and encouraging advice for anyone who wants to take
their business to the next level and achieve phenomenal success.