It’s just the Internet on your phone”, and despite the iPhone lacking a number of significant parts that would complete the full Internet experience, the whole market is finally starting to pay attention to what the majority of mobile users really want – the real Internet with the closest possible surfing experience as their PC.

While many mobile browsers have gained popularity by operators and content providers alike, they have not made the mobile user’s experience a much better one. Typically, such browsers cannot handle rich Web functionality as well as presentation of the content that was originally designed for large screen display in the best way possible. In addition, in some cases users have to download a client (if such a version exists for their specific mobile phone) in order to be able to surf the Internet. But even then, the content is limited; users may get only parts of a Web site, or an error message, and in any case they will need to scroll down quite a bit to find what they are actually looking for, thus resulting in a frustrating experience.

Following more than seven years of research and development, InfoGin, the pioneer and established market leader in the field of Web to Mobile content adaptation, has fulfilled its promise to deliver the ultimate Internet experience on any mobile device.

InfoGin’s unique solution is based on the fundamental understanding that in order to automatically adapt Web content to any mobile device (such as: PDAs (HTML), i-Mode (i/cHTML), WAP 1.X (WML 1.X), WAP 2 (WML 2.0) and more, with support for more than 4000 mobile phones), there must be a content analysis phase to understand the visual aspects of the Web page first.

Unlike other enabling solutions, the InfoGin platform is an entirely server-based solution, which does not require the user to download any additional application or browser. As a result, InfoGin’s technology works with any mobile browser so even if you will use the iPhone and browse the Internet through the InfoGin platform, you will have a much better surfing experience. InfoGin’s platform optimises the download time by compressing and caching as well as converting the Web’s rich functionality, which the iPhone safari browser does not support as well.

InfoGin’s patented technology automatically and in real-time analyzes the content of the Web page and determines the meaning of each and every object in the page. The objects are then prioritized according to their importance. A functionality layer handles the web page’s functionality and behavior, an adaptation layer reformats the content according to the device’s physical and network characteristics and an optimization layer reduces the latency and download-time by using optimization techniques including compressions and caching. This way, the surfing experience is brought to the best possible level, which looks and feels as if the Web page had actually been customized manually for the specific device. A Smart Navigation layer is presented on top of the content to allow the end user to navigate and browse in the simplest way to simulate the real Web experience. The end user can reach the desired content with a minimum number of clicks via direct access to Web page sections, such as the navigation bar, log-in form, search form and so on.

InfoGin has already established an international track record with its Web to mobile content adaptation platform in North America, Europe and Asia with the top-tier operators and mega content aggregators. To date, the best testimony for the company’s successful commercial deployments and for mobile user interest is the continued growth of usage and the significant increase in the number of active users each and every month.

“InfoGin has offered the industry a technological breakthrough in opening up walled gardens and facilitating rapid content adaptation for ‘seamless transference’ of PC to mobile Internet surfing experience. The adoption of InfoGin’s technology has demonstrated growth in average monthly customer usage attributed to increased content variety, improved content quality and enhanced user experience. Current deployments have shown penetration of more than 65% of active data users within the first six months and spiraling increase in HTTP requests. More importantly, in today’s highly competitive environment, InfoGin’s solution has soared to as high as 80% savings in operational costs in content provisioning”. Frost & Sullivan’s Industry Analyst, Pete Nuthall

The company will soon announce its recent wins with mega players of the mobile industry in Europe, the US and Asia.