The release, by developer QSR International, gives French speaking
Canadian users access to NVivo’s powerful multimedia analysis tools for the
first time. The software is already used by academic, government and
commercial organizations in more than 90 countries.

QSR International CEO John Owen said that while NVivo has always been
able to work with data in any language, until now its interface has only been
available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. He predicted
the addition of the French and German language options would lead to greater

“For those using NVivo 8 software to manage global projects, it means
they can work in their own language but use the same methodology and process
as their overseas colleagues. It allows the world’s best minds to work
together, whether they’re pursuing important health or social research,
undertaking content analysis or evaluation, or extracting business
intelligence,” he said.

NVivo 8 allows users to upload and analyze video, audio, images and text
side-by-side. The software can be used to test out theories, identify trends
and cross-examine information. Professional models and charts can be created,
and NVivo project files and results can be shared via mini websites – even
with those who don’t have NVivo. The software can also identify the work of
individual team members even after separate projects are merged.