The GlobeTrotter GT MAX is the first of a new breed of wireless data card
featuring Option’s unique and patented multi-band flip-out integrated antenna
design meaning that GT MAX once inserted in a laptop may be operated by simply
deploying the flip out antenna. For ease and convenience the antenna is
retracted for briefcase or laptop carrier bag transport without the need to
remove the wireless data card from the laptop.

In addition to the innovative antenna design the GlobeTrotter GT MAX is
the world’s first wireless data card supporting all of the commercial HSDPA/3G
UMTS networks available today. The GT MAX features Tri-band HSDPA/3G UMTS on
850/1900 & 2100 MHz bands as well as Quad band EDGE/GPRS on 850/900/1800 &
1900 bands.

Jan Callewaert, CEO of Option: “In launching the world’s first commercial
tri-band HSDPA wireless data product, Option has demonstrated that not only is
it at the leading edge of technology, but also in the aesthetic and ergonomic
design of our products. The unique design of our GT MAX with its patented
flip-out antenna is a remarkable engineering achievement, as is its ability to
provide broadband wireless access across the globe from North & South America,
through Europe, the Middle East & Africa, across to the Far East and
Australasian continents. We have been able to realize a superb product that
will have global appeal amongst our customer base.”

Commercial shipments of GlobeTrotter GT MAX commence before the end of
this quarter. The GlobeTrotter GT MAX is the fifth commercial HSDPA product
from Option.

The GlobeTrotter GT MAX wireless data card is available with Option’s
GlobeTrotter Mobility Manager. This enables users to enjoy fast, simple and
easy access to wireless data whilst hiding the complexity of the underlying
wireless technologies from the user. In conjunction with Option’s mobile IP
solution “Unlimited Connection”, users can seamlessly roam between 3G, 2G and
WLAN access technologies with automatic authentication using the data card’s
inbuilt support for PC Smart Card and EAP-SIM.