The Lenovo ThinkVision L2251x Wide desktop computer display is the first to be awarded the new TCO Certified Edge designation for excellence in combining green and high performance in IT design. The award is received in recognition of Lenovo’s use of 65 % post consumer recycled plastics(1). The product also features recycled packaging materials as well as a proximity sensor to save energy when the user is away from the computer.

TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental award open to those products that already meet the worldwide TCO Certified criteria for environment and usability in IT design. The purpose of the award is to identify leading edge products and technologies that go beyond the requirements in existing eco-labeling programs.

Soren Enholm, Managing Director of the TCO Certified program applauded Lenovo’s efforts. “TCO Certified Edge goes beyond the existing TCO Certified program, by identifying those products truly at the cutting edge of environment and usability in IT design. Through its high percentage of recycled plastic in the ThinkVison L2251x Wide, Lenovo has shown exceptional leadership by pushing the boundaries of green design, while designing a product that also meets the high demands of today’s user.”

“By establishing high standards for environmental responsibility and usability for PC monitors, TCO Certified Edge is helping encourage manufacturers to produce and customers to adopt greener technology,” said Tom Shell, vice president, Visuals Business Unit, Lenovo. “TCO Certified Edge products like the ThinkVision L2251x Wide monitor illustrate how designing for energy and materials efficiency helps the environment and customers’ IT budgets.