Norwegian entrepreneur Hanna Aase announces the launch of the world's first video profile app for the iPhone. Aase has spent the past two years building on a background in tech trend consulting to create an app that peaks above social media's current plateau. The innovation?: connection to any person, with total transparency, in the touch of your phone.

Wonderloop bags the long text bios and hundred-photo uploads currently bloating most social media. Invitation-only members create simple, twenty-second video introductions and include hashtags relevant to their work, intentions, and goals. The result is an immediate, meaningful connection to people outside of friends and family, and the first step towards collaboration on big ideas.

Wonderloop's sole purpose is first connection – it allows the entrepreneurial young filmmaker to connect with industry investors, the avant-garde fashion designer to reach the collaborative artist, and the literary ingenue to find her revolutionary publishing guru. After a connection is made, users can choose to take the communication to another platform such as email, Facebook, the boardroom, or a favorite cafe.

By providing direct introduction to any person via smart phone, Wonderloop is poised to be a unique presence in a galaxy of social media apps: the world's leading video identity platform.