We have had the pleasure to see StorageCraft grow over the past seven years. They went from somewhat obscurity in the channel to one of the leading BDR vendors in the World. A recent investment of $187 million is sure to propel them even further.

StorageCraft has been exhibiting at our ChannelNEXT events for the past 7 years straight and was one of the first BDR companies working the channel. The one thing that aways stuck in my mind is their emphasis on testing your back-up. Sounds like common sense, but it seems like many companies have never properly tested the actual recovery of their backup. So what use is having a backup if it will not work when you desperately need it?

These days, recovery is the given, but more than that, you need super fast recovery as downtime can literally kill a business. Looking forward to seeing the latest from StorageCraft at our upcoming ChannelNEXT event on April 11-12.


Rob Low will be doing a high-energy keynote presentation for StorageCraft as he focuses on the business of business continuity. You are invited to come meet him and his team.