Excel Software is pleased to announce immediate availability of WinTranslator 3.1 for Windows XP and Vista. The new edition includes enhancements, new printed and PDF manual, integrated help system and Vista friendly installer. Once installed, WinTranslator runs from a standard user account.

WinTranslator scans source code to extract data. That data is imported into WinA&D to automatically generate class diagrams, structure charts and data models. The project dictionary is populated with design details like data types, method arguments, descriptive comments and links from model objects to associated source code. Videos on the company web site show diagrams generated from code using WinTranslator and WinA&D.

WinTranslator is a highly scalable, fully automated tool that supports many programming languages and dialects. It generates models and dictionary information from legacy source code, class frameworks, open source projects and other reusable code assets. It provides a step-by-step process to quickly document an unfamiliar project.

WinA&D and WinTranslator work together to provide:

To create models from code, the developer uses a step-by-step dialog in WinTranslator to select the programming language, code folders and other options. A script of commands is created and run to scan the code and output data to a text file. That file is imported into a new WinA&D project to populate the dictionary and generate a stack of diagrams that represent the code structure. The entire process takes just minutes to accurately document millions of lines of source code.

WinTranslator is $495 for a Single User License. It works in conjunction with the WinA&D, QuickUML or QuickCRC modeling tools. See the company web site for product information, site license pricing, demo edition, videos and secure online ordering.