Despite the release of Windows Phone 8 in October, Microsoft still has long way to go to catch up to Apple and Google in the mobile market. And in the firm’s latest ad campaign, it shows.

In a new series of videos posted on YouTube Monday, Microsoft rep Ben Rudolph hits the streets and pitches Windows Phone 8 individually to iPhone and Android lovers, in an effort to convince them that their phones are just terrible.

For example, Rudolph shows a woman named “Melissa” that the HTC 8X posts on Facebook and Twitter faster than the iPhone 4S, thanks apparently to Window Phone 8’s nifty live tile feature. He shows “Sarah” that the Nokia Lumia 920 takes brighter and crisper pictures than Apple’s phone. And he shows a whole group of parents with various smartphones how Windows Phone 8’s “Kid’s Corner” lets children play on their phones without being able to accidentally delete apps or search for anything inappropriate.

Unsurprisingly, every “participant” in the ad campaign decides to switch to Microsoft.

The thrust of the videos is that consumers will just love the Windows Phone 8 experience — if only they could get their hands on it. But that calls to mind an unfortunate fact for Microsoft: Windows Phone’s share of the worldwide smartphone market was a slim 3.6 percent in the third quarter of 2012, according to research firm IDC. Together, Apple and Google own 89.9 percent of the market with their iOS and Android operating systems, respectively.

Against those odds, maybe Microsoft needs to recruit new customers one by one.

Huffington Post