Genia is proud to announce that since the launch of its first mobile game Which Comes First? on November 6, it has become the most downloaded trivia game on iPad. It's quite an achievement for a game that didn't even have an advertising campaign!

Behind the cute exterior of Which Comes First? hides a culturally enriching game that draws upon your knowledge and intuition. WCF contains a ton of intelligent content, but more importantly, it's just a whole lot of fun. Inspired by the problem of the chicken and the egg, WCF challenges you to place items in logical or chronological order. Players slide on-screen cards before or after each other while trying to get the highest score and competing with friends. There are many themes to choose from: movies, conflicts, science, cooking… It never gets old; new decks, often related to current events, are added every week.

The innovation behind WCF lies in its gameplay mechanics; reflection, speed and chance are integrated into a system of increasing difficulty. As players succeed in placing their cards in order, the game becomes more difficult and more challenging, but when they fail, it becomes easier so they don't get discouraged and quit.

Our game stimulates curiosity, allowing players to succeed and have fun while rewarding their knowledge on many subjects.

Which System?
Supported on iOS (iPhone and iPad) exclusively for its Canadian soft-launch, Which Comes First's porting on Android will be ready for December 2014. The international release is scheduled for January 2015.