Wherify Wireless, Inc., a leading developer of patented wireless location products and services for family safety and communications, today announced the award-winning Wherifone GPS Locator Phone has been approved by KORE Wireless Inc. for use on the KORE Wireless network in Canada. In addition, Wherify has signed a wholesale purchase agreement with KORE Wireless Inc., a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) of wireless voice and data airtime services, to resell airtime on the KORE Wireless Canadian network as part of a Wherify branded service using the Wherifone GPS Locator Phone. The Wherifone is the world’s smallest GPS-equipped GSM locator phone and provides a totally unique and affordable way for families with pre-teens, seniors, or those with special medical needs, to stay connected and in contact with each other. Wherify expects to launch services in Canada in the first half of 2006.

“We feel that people are very interested in personal safety and communications, especially in today’s demanding world, and Wherify is working hard to bring the benefits of combined voice and location services to Canadian consumers via the Wherifone,” said Timothy Neher, CEO and founder of Wherify Wireless. “The Wherifone reflects almost eight years of development and service experience with Enhanced-GPS solutions. It is designed with pre-teens and seniors in mind. It’s ideal for families looking for extra security as their children become more mobile and start to explore the world, and for seniors who wish to maintain their independence and lifestyle while staying in touch with their families and their health providers.”