You may think it will require rethinking everything you do, but you would be wrong. Successful MSPs know that it is a journey and as with every journey, it takes the first step. There are actually 5 levels of being a successful MSP! It is not easy, but it is possible! As you progress, you enhance your business accordingly, step by step.

George Anderson from Webroot will show you how you can start the journey by offering a managed IT Security service and actually make money without adding any complex service automation infrastructure. If you already have the full MSP business infrastructure, then you will see just how you can instantly accelerate your recurring revenues by offering a comprehensive IT Security service.

Getting your customers to start paying you a monthly fee for IT services that you do to keep their business up and running 24/7 has tremendous value. First, you must properly demonstrate the risk to the client's business. They must believe the risk! Webroot has loads of data and reports to help you make the case beyond any reasonable doubt! If you do this right, the next step is rather easy.

Simply present a proper solution to mediate a significant risk in a way that allows the client to pay as they go! No big upfront capital expense cost! This is music to the ears of CFOs. It is at this point where you can transition into becoming a true Managed Service Provider.

Webroot's solution will help VARs and MSPs to provide 24/7 IT security monitoring and protection automatically in the background. The partner bills and maintains the relationship with the client. Bring your questions. Ask Webroot how their 5,000 channel partners have done it successfully!

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