Western Digital
Corp. announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Cornice Inc.

Filed today in United States District Court in Orange County, Calif., the
lawsuit alleges that Cornice is infringing seven Western Digital patents
related to disk drive technology. Western Digital is seeking to prevent
Cornice from illegally using Western Digital patented technology, as well as
seeking to recoup monetary damages resulting from patent infringement by
products Cornice has already sold to its customers.

Matt Massengill, chairman and CEO for Western Digital, said, “Western
Digital has made significant investments in research and development over its
34-year history, including the last 16 years as a leading hard drive company.
We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop our hard drive
products. The technical sophistication and outstanding quality of our products
is the result of these investments and the hard work of our talented and
dedicated team of employees. We will not allow Cornice to unfairly exploit our
patents, which are the product of the efforts of our team and the investments
by our shareholders. We intend to vigorously protect our valuable intellectual
property and keep our rights from being violated.”