.tel domains do not require websites to be built and hosted, and there
are no fees for ongoing maintenance and development. Instead, a .tel domain
can be populated within minutes with all types of contact information,
including the use of premium rate telephone numbers, payment via SMS premium
rate short codes for content downloads and links to e-commerce sites ranging
from third-party hosted auction pages through to fully-fledged e-commerce

“The internet just got richer and a whole lot easier for people to be
able to make money through the use of domain names and existing premium rate
solutions,” said Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnic.

“People will be able to run
everything from chat lines to competitions on a .tel domain and there are no
expensive development costs. What’s more, all of these options are available
for use on any device connected to the internet, so monetizing the mobile
internet has finally become a cost-effective reality.”

A .tel domain contains contact information, location records and key
words for search engine optimization. Because it isn’t a website, this data
can be sent quickly and at very low cost to any device in the right format,
proving perfect for mobile devices. All the information is click to connect
facilitating purchasing activity.

All domains available at Landrush will be available at a fixed price,
meaning there are no auctions. Telnic anticipates a rush for enticing names as
applications will be accepted on a first come, first served level and confirms
that there are no restrictions regarding the re-sale or auction of these names
at a later date. Mr. Mahdavi adds: “With great names available for anyone to
apply for at an affordable price, the world of domaining is opening up as a
new investment opportunity to the general public.”

“If you look back, when .com was introduced it was innovative in linking
domain names to IP addresses stored in the DNS, pointing to web content, it
was a true ‘first’. Many recent launches of top level domains have tried to
emulate this success. .tel domains, which again innovate the use of domain
names by linking directly to contact information stored in the DNS, is another
‘first’ and will again provide value to those investing in them.”

Over 130 ICANN-accredited registrars are selling .tel domains, with
pricing varying from Registrar to Registrar. For information on where to
purchase a .tel domain, please see http://www.telnic.org/business-buy.html.