With a skill created by years of practice, you and a group of Navy SEALs quickly enter the compound that houses the world’s most infamous terrorist. Methodically working your way through the large compound, you clear the opposing forces, take out al Qaeda’s last defense, clear weapons caches, and gather critical intel. When the smoke clears, your ultimate target — Osama bin Laden, murderer of thousands of Americans and innocents around the globe, head of al Qaeda and enemy of the world lays dead.

KUMA Games returns to their classic First Person Shooter, KUMAWAR II, for a final episode that allows gamers to recreate the mission that changed the world. On Saturday, May 7th, the 107th episode of KUMAWAR II: “The Death of Osama bin Laden” will be available for free download at http://www.kumagames.com .

“Since 2003 we’ve chronicled military conflict in a changing world. The defeat of the Taliban, the capture of Saddam, IED & drone attacks, two Surges, elections, and Iraqi heroes defending their own representative government. We’ve brought all of these to life to millions of gamers in quick-release, high quality, game episodes,” says Keith Halper, CEO of KUMA Games. “Using games, we’ve brought critical history to a generation raised on digital media. But KUMAWAR II was a story without an ending…until now. We had to go back for one more ‘ripped from the headlines re-creation.’ We had to end ‘The War.'”

On Monday afternoon, the team put down their mice on two new games in development (Race of the Horsemen and The Tiger Unit — both available in BETA in select markets), to create this final KUMAWAR episode. Working overtime to reflect changing reports of operational details, the artists and coders rebuilt buildings, characters, weapons, and gameplay objectives until the user experience told the story of the SEALs’ mission as closely as news and game cycles allowed.

“We are sticking to our retelling of real-world events, and that means a lot of reading and research, as well as talking with sources so we can get it right, ” explains Mike Thompson, Project Lead. “It’s not fun telling an artist to start a model over after an all-nighter because someone found a mysterious tail rotor, but that’s what we do to get the job done.”