Voice on the Go Inc., provider of mobile voice
solutions, today announced the availability of its new innovative Voice on the
Go service for consumers and enterprises globally. Subscribers can now use
their voice to gain hands-free and eyes-free access to their email, calendars,
contacts and other content, from any cell phone, BlackBerry smartphone, or
other Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) – safely while driving, or at any other
time. Voice on the Go also allows people with visual impairments or physical
challenges to access their email.

Voice on the Go allows subscribers to conveniently dial in and listen to
their email and use their voice to manage their email and calendar, as well as
search contacts by name or company and place calls:

Listen to email summary (“You have 1 unread email. Email number 1
from Richard Roberts. Subject is: Lunch. Received today at 9:53 a.m.”

– Listen to email details (“Looking forward to lunch today. Where do
you want to go? Richard.”)

– Compose, delete, & reply to your email (“Reply: Coffee for our
3 o’clock today? Let me know. Send.”)

– Review calendar and create new appointments (“Create Appointment:
June 19th 9:00 AM Sales Meeting; Discuss tradeshow next month. Save

– Search contacts & place calls (“Call Mobile”)

– Dial a number (“Call Number: 1-888-555-1234”)

“By using Voice on the Go, subscribers can easily access their email and
other content anywhere, anytime and comply with growing legislation that
prohibits people from holding a cell phone while driving,” said Simon Arnison,
President & CEO, Voice on the Go. “‘Hands-free’ laws are pervasive worldwide.
Over 50 countries have hands-free legislation in place, including Great
Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Australia and New
Zealand as well as a growing number of states and cities in the United States
including New York, New Jersey, California and Washington DC. Recently,
legislation has been enacted prohibiting text messaging while driving.”

Voice on the Go works with any phone or BlackBerry smartphone on any
network and supports most popular email services. Voice on the Go can be
activated quickly with no voice training, special hardware or software to
download. Voice on the Go is available via local access numbers across the
United States and Canada and in selected European cities. The Enterprise
version provides secure voice access to corporate email for companies,
government and other organizations.

Voice on the Go is also available to
telecommunications carriers and resellers worldwide. Visit
www.voiceonthego.com or call 877-977-0555 for more information or to sign-up
for a 30-day free trial.