Mobile users can now leverage Voice
on the Go’s Email by Voice and SMS by Voice solution to reply, compose and
forward email and SMS by voice, as text – without ever having to type! Voice
on the Go is the only provider in the world to offer such a sophisticated
suite of voice-based solutions to over 5 billion mobile users.

Voice on the Go requires nothing more than a mobile phone from which
users can access their email and SMS by voice. This provides customers with a
solution for hands-free and eyes-free communication, all at a price point that
meets recessionary budgets.

“With today’s demand for instant communication, it is imperative for
mobile professionals and consumers to have hands-free access to email and SMS
“on the go”, and especially while driving,” says Voice on the Go CEO John
McLeod. “Voice on the Go provides mobile users with an elegant solution that
allows them to listen, compose, reply, forward and delete their email by voice
without having to type. They can also create and send SMS text messages by
voice, hands-free, without having to type. With the addition to our core
offering of new “Social-Content-by-Voice(*)”, such as posting to Twitter and
Facebook by voice, Voice on the Go has set itself apart as The World Leader in
Email by Voice(*) Solutions.”

Voice on the Go – Email by Voice(*) & SMS by Voice(*) Solution:

Listen to Email – Voice on the Go converts email from text into
speech, allowing the user to listen to their email
hands-free/eyes-free while driving.

NEW – Reply, Compose and Forward Email with Voice-to-Text(*) – The
user replies by Voice to the email message, Voice on the Go then
converts the message into text and sends it.

NEW – Send SMS Messages Using Voice-to-SMS(*) – The user composes an
SMS message by Voice, which is then converted to text and sent as an
SMS text message.

<p. Search Contacts and Dial Phone Numbers by Voice – Contacts can be
accessed and calls placed through local access numbers, worldwide,
by Voice.

Check Calendar and Schedule Appointments by Voice.

Works with ANY Mobile Phone, Carrier Network or Headset – Voice on
the Go works with ANY mobile phone including Blackberry
smartphone, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google
Android, Palm Pre and Symbian devices, on any carrier network
and with any Bluetooth, wired-headset or in-car audio system.