Inc., a leader in intelligent imaging solutions, and Kofax, the
world’s largest information capture vendor, today announced Visioneer
OneTouch with VRS Technology. A joint development project,
OneTouch with VRS Technology is an integrated software solution that
combines the ease of Visioneer OneTouch scanning with the superior
image quality achieved with Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan )
technology that results in scanned images that are of the best quality
possible in one simple step.

“The tight coupling of Kofax VRS Technology with Visioneer
OneTouch is a major breakthrough in the information capture and
scanning markets because it will enable users of Visioneer and Xerox
DocuMate scanners to automatically improve the quality of every image
they scan,” said Rob Klatell, chief executive officer of Kofax’s
parent company, DICOM Group. “We value our partnership with Visioneer
and appreciate their commitment to working with us and advancing the
information capture market through innovations like OneTouch with VRS

“Visioneer’s and Kofax’ commitments to bring simplicity and
accuracy to the scanning experience are proven again through the
integration of OneTouch with Kofax VRS Technology. The combination of
these technologies makes high quality scanning both easy and
fool-proof, providing a compelling argument for any end user,” said
Susan Moyse, president of Moyse Technology Consulting.

“Increased productivity and compliance requirements are
responsible for the growth in scanning at the workgroup and department
levels. OneTouch with VRS Technology will now help accelerate scanning
adoption at all levels. The end user gets an easy-to-use scanning
solution without sacrificing access to sophisticated technology. The
best of both worlds converge,” said Murray L. Dennis, president and
CEO at Visioneer. “We are very proud of this technological
breakthrough and applaud the dedication of the Visioneer and Kofax
teams that made this great idea a reality.”

A Foundation of Innovation

In 1998, Visioneer was the first company to put buttons on the
front of scanners and introduced OneTouch technology. OneTouch
eliminated the multiple steps that were usually required in sending
scanned documents to an application by enabling users to set the
destination of their images by pressing a button on the front of the
scanner and selecting an already configured destination, such as: scan
to email, scan to the printer (copying), scan to storage, etc.

However, not all documents are clean laser quality pages. Document
quality differs, sometimes dramatically. Some pages look great at one
scan setting, and others are illegible. When scanning at 100 pages per
minute, there is no time to go back and adjust settings for imperfect
originals. To make scanning productive and streamlined, Kofax
developed VRS technology which intelligently makes custom adjustments
to each scanned page in a stack of mixed quality documents so that
every page is adjusted to a crisp and clean image, automatically,
without impacting the speed of the job.

As scanning has become more mainstream in general business and
vertical business applications, these two technologies found
themselves in the hands of the mid-market user. Both were found to be
indispensable, but this presented a difficult choice. Scan with
Visioneer OneTouch or scan using VRS technology, but not both. Through
a joint collaboration, Visioneer & Kofax have successfully integrated
OneTouch with VRS Technology.

Roadmap for Success

Now that the technical integration has been completed, Visioneer
will begin rolling out OneTouch with VRS Technology to scanners in
both the Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate product lines. The first
products will begin appearing in the first quarter of 2007 and a
staged release will continue throughout the year. Visioneer and Xerox
DocuMate scanners that currently bundle VRS Basic will be able to
upgrade to OneTouch with VRS Technology through a OneTouch download or
CD (details to be forthcoming from Visioneer).

Since VRS is an in-line function of the OneTouch scanning process,
all OneTouch scanning links such as scan to eMail, to Xerox
DocuShare, to Ascent Capture, can benefit from VRS image
perfection technology. When combined with the Visioneer OneTouch Links
SDK, also announced today, even yet to be developed OneTouch links
will use this VRS integration.

Lastly, this implementation of Visioneer OneTouch with VRS
Technology supports the most current VRS Basic functionality. Users
who require VRS Professional features can upgrade their OneTouch with
VRS Technology software to VRS Professional. Upgrades will be made
available later in the first quarter of 2007.