Ventev Mobile Accessories will unveil unique iPhone 5 battery cases and a 5000 mAh Li-ion portable battery charger capable of rapid charging any tablet including iPads, as well as other mobile device accessories, at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas, May 21-23, 2013. Together with the company's existing line, the products provide a full complement of stylish, high-performing accessories to navigate the ever-evolving wireless world.

Ventev Mobile Accessories focuses on premium mobile device accessories including universal power products with rapid- and eco-charging functionality; protective cases, smartphone pouches and tablet folios; screen protectors; styluses; and corded headsets. At CTIA 2013 the company will debut the following:

The Powercase line of battery cases – protective cases with built-in portable battery chargers – provides an additional 6-8 hours of talk time for the iPhone 5. The unique charging port design allows uninhibited access to the device's 3.5 mm jack enabling most headsets to fit without an adapter. The 6-hour Powercase 1500 (1500 mAh), available in grey, and 8-hour Powercase 2000 (2000 mAh), available in black or grey, sport a sleek, lightweight design that provides both power and protection. The two-piece case features Ventev Mobile's signature soft-touch finish, while the device buttons remain fully functional through the case. The Powercase boasts an LED battery level indicator and micro USB charging port. An on/off switch enables users to control when the device is being recharged, and current protection prevents overcharging.
The Powercell 5000 dual-USB portable battery charger (5000 mAh Li-ion battery) provides 15-plus hours of additional talk time in an extra-slim, super-lightweight design that easily fits into the pocket or purse of those on the go. It can charge any two devices at the same time using the consumer's own cables. The 1A port is optimal for smartphones, while, uniquely, the 2.1A rapid port can charge iPads, tablets, and other high-powered devices at the fastest rate possible. The Powercell 5000 can recharge from any USB port using the included cable, and it holds its charge for over 6 months when not in use.
Additional new products include universal smartphone pouches (leather and rugged) and tablet folios; shatter-proof, glass-surface screen protectors; standard and noise-isolating earbuds; and soft-tip styluses including an all-in-one model with built-in ballpoint pen.
"Getting through the day without technology interruptions can be quite a challenge. Our new Powercase battery cases for the iPhone 5 and the rapid-charge Powercell 5000 portable battery charger ensure devices have the power they need when they need it," said Scott Franklin, Director, Ventev Mobile Accessories Marketing. "All of our accessories, including Wallport™ [wall] and Dashport™ [car] chargers, and Chargesync™ colored cables, empower consumers to stay connected."