Uni-Pixel, Inc., the developer of a color display technology called Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter (“TMOS”) and thin-film materials branded under the name Opcuity(TM) that incorporate advanced micro-structure technology, today announced the launch of its fingerprint resistant film as protective cover products for a variety of touch screen devices in collaboration with the Company’s first licensee and business partner, Targus, Inc. Branded under the Targus name and introduced under the co-owned trademark of Clear View Technology, UniPixel’s Opcuity fingerprint resistant film (FPR) technology is being introduced as products for multiple touch-enabled devices.

Working in close collaboration with Targus, UniPixel has been able to perfect a variety of unique elements for its thin films that create a superior protective cover product for touch screens. The first of these unique elements included in the Targus product set is micro-structures on the surface of the film that provide its fingerprint resistance. Other protective films on the market have a flat surface that, by definition, allow the fingerprint pattern and oily material of a fingerprint or smudge to be visible. Utilizing surface features of the appropriate size, density and pattern, enables fingerprint patterns to be broken up and dissipate into the valleys between the structures. The result has proven to provide the only effective means to address the issue of fingerprints and smudges transferred to surfaces during the touch interface of a finger or skin surface. This unique Opcuity film product demonstrates just one of the many functional uses of a micro-structured surface on film. Two further benefits of the micro-structures included in the film products are a reduction in surface glare and an enhanced silky smooth feel.

The second element perfected for the touch screen protective product is the Opcuity FPR’s unique adhesive. User experience is largely impacted by ease of installation and the elimination of bubbles. Working with its industry partners, UniPixel sought to develop an adhesive solution for the film that accomplished easy, bubble free installation — allowing for re-positioning of the film and, ultimately, a residue free removal if needed. The challenge was to make an optically clear adhesive that met all of the user criteria. It needed enough adhesion to stick to the surface without leaving residue behind, and it needed to be “self wetting” on installation. The combination of these elements and factors create a superior product that is micro-technology enabled, while providing a very straightforward yet unique solution for the user.

Reed Killion, UniPixel’s president and CEO, noted, “We are thrilled to be launching our first product with a company of the caliber of Targus. After working together to define and to meet the criteria required for an exceptional experience using the Clear View protective cover films, we feel enormous confidence in their ability to deliver a successful launch of our first Opcuity Performance-Engineered Film. Targus has an outstanding reputation of delivering high-quality, innovative products to OEMs and consumers alike. Their press release last week showcasing the Clear View(TM) product and the coverage they generated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas demonstrate their ability to generate excitement in the market place. As a result, we look forward to seeing the films available in a broad range of channels and stores in the U.S. and internationally. In anticipation of this launch, we have aligned with world-class production partners to support high-volume demand for our Clear View technology products, and we have begun our volume production and delivery.”

Killion added, “With touch-enabled devices exploding in the market, we are excited about our prospects to become the premium standard for screen protection that is scratch resistant and offers unique protection from fingerprints and smudges — issues users have consistently told us detract from the use of their devices. We also see this as the first of many Opcuity Performance Engineered Film products that we will bring to market under the Targus, UniPixel, and Opcuity brands.”