Ugo Mobile Solutions L.P. announced the availability of UGO Wallet: an open digital wallet application that enables consumers to start replacing credit cards and loyalty cards from their physical wallet with a simple, secure digital payment method on their smartphone. UGO Wallet is a free app and available now for download from BlackBerry World and Google PlayTM.

The UGO advantage

In its initial release, UGO Wallet is available for use with eligible TD Credit Cards and PC Financial MasterCard credit cards. With just a tap1 of their smartphone, users can make purchases wherever Visa payWave* and MasterCard® PayPassTM are available. Registered PC Plus members can also instantly get PC points with the same tap when making eligible purchases at participating grocery stores where President's Choice products are sold.

"The launch of UGO Wallet marks an important Canadian milestone: this is the first open digital wallet to combine multiple payment and loyalty programs in one convenient and secure mobile solution," said Alec Morley, CEO of UGO Mobile Solutions. "Unlike any other mobile payment offering currently available to Canadians, UGO has two participating banks, operates on both Visa and MasterCard payment networks and is supported by Canada's three biggest network carriers, while integrating the extremely popular PC Plus loyalty program."

Opportunity for growth 

Today, UGO Wallet:

  • allows users the ability to add eligible TD and PC Financial credit cards as well as the PC Plus card in one digital wallet application;
  • provides the ability to pay via credit card, as well as compile and redeem PC points at point-of-sale at participating stores with just a tap of a smartphone;
  • is as secure as paying with a physical  credit card; and
  • allows users the ability to set additional passwords and PINs on cards stored in UGO Wallet.

"This is only the beginning of the UGO journey," added Morley. "We look forward to collaborating with our users and participants to evolve the application and expand the openness of UGO with access to additional cards, loyalty programs and merchants."

Technical requirements – what you need

  • A Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled SIM card is required in all devices.
  • UGO Wallet is available on all three major Canadian carrier networks for eligible BlackBerry 10 and AndroidTM smartphone devices, visit for a complete list.
  • Platforms are currently being developed to support additional devices, and will be announced at a later date.