Anyone will be able to buy a .tel domain from 3.00 p.m. GMT on Tuesday
3rd February 2009, enabling them to have one secure and easy-to-manage address
for life which they own and where people will be able to view from any device
connected to the internet and contact them with simple ‘click to communicate’
functionality using any and all existing communications types. As no web
hosting, web development or deep level of technical expertise is required,
.tel domains are a revolution in the use of domain names and internet
publishing and ideal for individuals and small businesses with limited

.tel domains have gained significant interest from the mainstream media
in the run-up to this significant launch date, including:

– “The Google of online phone books,” Michal Lev-Ram, CNN/Fortune

– “The new domain, which stores and encrypts contact information
directly into the Domain Name System, has the potential to become a
phone book for the Internet,” Danielle Belopotosky, New York Times

– “Telnic’s approach is revolutionary,” Jennifer L. Schenker,

– “Think of .tel as a ‘live’ global white/yellow pages directory or
communications hub that crucially leaves control of the contact and
other information in the hands of the domain owner who can set
different levels of access for different visitors,” Paul Taylor,
Financial Times

– “It’s the mother of all telephone books,” Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

With over 120 ICANN-accredited registrars signed up with Telnic, levels
of pre-orders (applications for .tel domain names take by registrars to submit
the instant Landrush commences) are being called ‘unprecedented’ by some in
the registrar community.