SMK Electronics and tvCompass Inc. will introduce a design and development platform based on tvCompass’s WiFi Smart Remote(TM) platform and click365(TM) mobile content and services network for manufacture and distribution under SMK.

The tvCompass Smart Remote(TM) platform is an integrated solution and offers simple to use universal remote control functionality with color LCD display, and WiFi connectivity to receive TV listings and one-click access to popular content and information. The company will license it hardware, and client and server software to SMK. The tvCompass platform solution also provides the click365(TM) mobile content and services network. The click365(TM) network uses WiFi to deliver an always up-to-date electronic TV program guide, Internet content feeds for headline news and sports, localized weather and more.

“Our Smart Remote(TM) platform design is ideally suited to SMK as it provides speed and flexibility to shorten the cycle time for market introduction,” said Edward J. Zylka, CEO of tvCompass Inc. “SMK recognized the innovation of our platform and how that translates to a great home TV consumer experience in terms of simple set up, ease use and a TV companion that is fun and entertaining.”

“We are delighted to partner with tvCompass and help bring the revolutionary Smart Remote(TM) to market. We see very significant potential for this exciting new technology and SMK is perfectly positioned to support the move to volume production and distribution,” said Paul Evans, President of SMK Electronics Inc.