Business professionals, and other urban jungle dwellers can now get turn-by-turn, audio-prompted guidance in an automobile or on foot from the same handheld GPS receivers used to help them find their way far from the roar of roadways. Thales Navigation introduces the Magellan® Meridian® Color Traveler Value Pack and the Magellan Meridian Gold Traveler Value Pack. These bundled product sets feature MapSend® DirectRoute™ software, a 64 MB SD memory card, a vehicle mounting bracket, 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter, and either the Meridian Color full-color GPS handheld, or the Meridian Gold monochrome GPS handheld.

The key to these solutions is the Magellan MapSend DirectRoute software; the first street-routing software designed specifically for recreational GPS handhelds that customers use to navigate during outdoor activities like hiking or boating. MapSend DirectRoute calculates turn-by-turn travel routes with text directions to city destinations, street addresses and thousands of points of interest in the continental United States and Canada, including restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, parks, airports, tourist attractions and more.

Users can create a route directly on their handheld wherever they are, either by moving the cursor to a destination on the map screen, by entering an address, or by searching points of interest by name. MapSend DirectRoute calculates the “shortest time” street route, and then provides visual guidance and audible prompts that notify the user of each maneuver. With access to the most current, sophisticated map data, users can upload any map area they choose up to a total of 64 MB on a memory card.

The Meridian Color is the flagship handheld of the premium, high- performance Meridian series, and features a 120×160 pixel, 16-color backlit display, a backlit keypad and an optional external antenna to provide boaters and recreational vehicle owners with more reliable navigation for safer travel. The Meridian Color’s built-in 16 MB map database contains highways, major roads, parks, waterways, airports, cities and marine navigation aids, such as fixed and floating buoys, obstructions, wrecks, lighthouses and marinas. The Meridian Gold has a monochrome backlit display and keypad with a 16 MB database containing all except marine navigation aids.

Meridian GPS receivers provide memory expansion through industry-standard Secure Digital (SD) memory cards for downloading street maps, topography and travel data for the U.S., Canada and Europe as well as a worldwide map database. Weighing only 8-ounces, both are designed for comfort, and rugged durability with a waterproof, slip-resistant housing that floats. The 12-parallel-channel receivers offer advanced functionality and a quadrifilar helix antenna provides superior tracking of satellite signals and fast position fixes. Users can see their exact location within three meters or better on the seven user-configurable navigation screens, including a map that moves to track the user’s movements. Customers can easily save up to 500 waypoints, 2000 track points, and 20 reversible routes with 30 legs to find their way back to their favorite places.

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