Trend Micro Halloween-inspired infographic reveals this year's scariest cyber security threats and their ghoulish equivalent, including:

  • Vampires – online banking Trojans that suck money from their victim's bank accounts
  • Zombies – mindless systems that do the bidding of their criminal botmasters, who are intent on eating up resources and stealing data
  • Bats – mobile spyware that allows hackers to control and see through a victims mobile phone, these bats multiply quickly having reached 1 million threats earlier this year
  • Ghosts – represent targeted attacks that are designed to be neither seen nor heard. 

With plenty more threats lurking in the darkness, what can be done? 

"Certainly hiding in a church with a cross and wreath of garlic sounds appealing, but battling cyber-criminal ghouls requires a more modern touch," said Richard Medungo, the author of the infographic at Trend Micro. "While these threats are scary, they can be driven back and destroyed. Anyone can turn these tricks into treats with a relatively simple and commonsense security software solution to deal with cyber-criminals and the threats they pose."

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