Trend Micro a leader in antivirus and Internet content security, today announced the availability of Trend Micro(TM) Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition(TM), the latest in its range of anti-spyware products incorporating technologies gained through its acquisition of InterMute, Inc.,
in May of this year.

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition is the third product in TrendMicro’s new standalone anti-spyware solution set for desktops. Targeted at
mid-sized to larger business organizations, the product supports Trend Micro’smulti-layered approach to protecting enterprise networks. Its extensive management tools and proactive technology detect spyware, protect end users
from spyware, and clean up and restore systems if they get infected. Clients and servers are shielded by a defense system that actively monitors file
downloads and uses a highly efficient spyware database and heuristic rule set to scan and clean desktops, laptops and servers, without significant
processing overhead. Trend Micro Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition is the only product that includes Trend Micro CWShredder(TM), industry-acclaimed
technology that eradicates spyware programs like CoolWebSearch and its variants — programs that are extremely difficult to remove.

The product’s enterprise-class management enables easy deployment and administration across large organizations, particularly via the centralized
management capabilities of Trend Micro Control Manager(TM). Through a Web-based console, all machines on the network can be managed from one
enterprise server. The product can discover client machines automatically and transparently push agents to desktops without the need for end-user
intervention. Trend Micro Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition is also compatible with all major enterprise desktop security products, offering a flexible,
complementary layer of protection regardless of the existence of other security products on the desktops.

The product comes at a time when end users are expressing a desire for greater education on security threats and collaboration with IT departments. According to a recent Trend Micro study of corporate end users, 53 percent of
respondents said they wanted greater education from IT to better understand the threat of spyware. In the same study, end users said viruses and spyware caused the most concern among various security threats. “Spyware slows machines, consumes bandwidth, and steals sensitive information from end user systems,” said Max Cheng, general manager of Trend Micro enterprise business operations. “It reduces productivity, which costs businesses money. Currently, employees may be aware of the threat, but according to our research, their knowledge is limited, highlighting the need for greater end-user education and proactive anti-spyware protection.”

In order to counteract the threat posed by spyware, Cheng said it is important that enterprise organizations deploy advanced solutions with central management capabilities, thereby enabling efficient control of security policies and reducing the danger to end users. Trend Micro’s enterprise-class anti-spyware solution can serve as part of a larger risk management strategy.
It can be incorporated as a layered, more holistic security approach throughout an enterprise network to prevent downtime, increase productivity, and ensure system integrity.
“Security and business strategies must be unified as one initiative to sustain business continuity and protect employees, customers, corporate data,
and privacy,” Cheng said. “A multi-layered security infrastructure, which protects the entire network environment, must include enterprise-level anti-
spyware that is compatible with other major solutions.”