Trapeze Networks, a Belden Brand and leader in enterprise wireless LAN equipment and management software, announced its high-performing and affordable Mobility Point  MP-522 and Mobility Point MP-522E wireless LAN access points are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED  for 802.11n.  The Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi CERTIFIED program tests products to the 802.11 industry standards for interoperability and security. 

Trapeze Networks MP-522 solutions hold certificate ID number WFA9836 for successfully passing all tests for 802.11n implementation in the Enterprise Access Point, Switch/Controller or Router category.  Trapeze Networks MP-522 Mobility Point(2.4MB) 802.11n dual-radio 2×2 MIMO indoor access point is designed for high-density deployments requiring maximum capacity.  A version of the MP-522, known as the MP-522E, is also available with external antenna ports.  The Trapeze family of access points uses the patented SmartMobile highly-distributed architecture to provide improved throughput and reliability.

Ideal for multimedia applications on wireless networks, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n devices can deliver five times or more throughput and more robust connections at up to twice the range of legacy 802.11 technology.  For enterprises, 802.11n offers the robustness, throughput, security and Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities that IT managers seek.  Full-featured Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n products have the ability to transport high-definition (HD) video streams while at the same time accommodating Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) streams and data transfers for multiple users with high QoS.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED designation assures customers that the Trapeze Networks MP-522 access points met rigorous interoperability testing requirements.  The Wi-Fi Alliance network of independent test labs conducted the interoperability and security testing with the MP-522 access point in numerous configurations and with a diverse sampling of other devices to ensure it is compatible with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment operating in the same frequency band.