Touchnote, the pioneer in the mobile postcards market, today launched an iPad application which reinvents the postcard again … just in time for the holiday season. The new app has a suite of new features to make sharing photos as real postcards more personal than ever before:

Doodle: New ‘draw’ option allows customers to get creative with their postcards – the new feature can be used to add a bit of festive fun to postcard images using a range of colors and brushes

Signatures: Personalize your postcard by signing off your message freehand with a signature, hearts, kisses or whatever you like

Filters: Transforms digital photos into printed classics with a range of filters (Black & White, Sepia and Vibrant Colors)

Full screen: Intuitive interface built from the ground up, optimized for the iPad experience

Languages: Now available in Spanish and Italian in addition to existing English, French and German

“With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, we wanted to help customers take care of their holiday cards. Our new iPad app has tons of new features to print and send gorgeous cards, and we’re quietly confident that these cards will stay on your family and friends’ mantelpieces for a lot longer than the generic greeting cards of the past. Suffice to say we are incredibly proud to add this to the ever-growing suite of Touchnote applications,” says Raam Thakrar, co-founder, Touchnote. The launch of the iPad app means Touchnote’s fun, personalized postcards are now available across all iOS devices in addition to all Android phones and tablets.

The company also announced a holiday promotion, reducing the price of each postcard to 99c when purchasing a 15-credit pack. Price includes postage, delivery and 100% money back guarantee.

Touchnote Postcards was the first mobile application that enabled customers to create and send a personalized, physical postcard directly from the mobile phone. To date, Touchnote has delivered postcards to over 200 countries and territories.