Softinventive Lab announces the release of Total Network Inventory 2, new software for computer network inventory. The new version is much faster and more reliable, and in addition it is now able to scan computers running MacOS X, FreeBSD and Linux-like systems just as easily as it would previously scan a Windows-device: no pre-installed agent

Developers of Total Network Inventory 2 took the product to the next level and rebuilt it from scratch to meet all user requests. Four-year experience in developing network management systems cannot go unnoticed. As a result, Total Network Inventory has become better in every way, bringing a wealth of new features and possibilities.

Among the major improvements one should emphasize the optimized scanning technology, space-effective storage format, customizable reports, software accounting and license tracking tools and omnipresent live search. For instance, the storage makes it possible to group computers, annotate them and add custom data fields. Automatic filters, grouping and tags make software accounting easier. These are just few of all the functions that increase the efficiency of system administration and turn network inventory into leisure activity. Total Network Inventory 2 is simple to take advantage of thanks to illustrative documentation and topnotch customer support.

Despite the high effectiveness of Total Network Inventory 2, Softinventive Lab team does not rest on its laurels. Updates are released on a regular basis, new features are added non-stop and bugs are fixed in no-time. “We strive to a point where when you hear “network inventory” you immediately think it’s about that “Total” one” – the developers at Softinventive Lab say.

Prices and terms

The license price for Total Network Inventory 2 starts at $140. All customers get free support and lifetime updates subscription.