Toshiba just released the Qosmio F750, an innovative new laptop that offers Canadian consumers an immersive 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses. The first of its kind, the Qosmio F750 is a triumph of technological execution and can display both 2D and 3D images on the screen simultaneously.

“Toshiba is proud to continue its legacy of innovation with the world’s first glasses-free 3D laptop,” said Steve Wong, Toshiba product manager. “With the Qosmio F750, we give discerning consumers the satisfaction of a premium performance 3D laptop and the confidence that comes with the trusted Toshiba brand.”

Featuring a special 15.6-inch lenticular 3D screen, the Qosmio F750 invites consumers to experience 3D entertainment in a more natural and comfortable way. To create a 3D effect without 3D glasses, the unit employs Active Lens technology through a double parallax that delivers separate images to the right and left eye. Toshiba’s exclusive Face Tracking technology uses the Qosmio F750’s built-in Web camera to recognize the position of the viewer’s eyes, delivering a precise 3D image that moves with the viewer. These two technologies in combination provide a rich and vivid 3D experience without 3D glasses.

The Qosmio F750 is a multimedia maven that effortlessly multitasks and navigates the most demanding programs. Equipped with a second generation Intel Core i7 processor and the latest in 3D graphics from NVIDIA, his laptop encapsulates a suite of powerful technology within a sleek and distinctive package. The 3D experience is heighted by the integration of harman kardon stereo speakers and Dolby Advanced Audio technology. Users are also able to view 2D and 3D content simultaneously, allowing them to browse in one window and watch 3D video in another.

A 3D world calls for 3D digital content. In addition to integrated Blu-ray XL support, the Qosmio F750 has proprietary 2D-to-3D technology – a feature that takes ordinary 2D DVD content and instantly converts it into dynamic 3D.

The Qosmio F750 keeps consumers connected to the entertainment they love, allowing them to easily share 3D Blu-ray entertainment with any 3D-ready HDTV, like Toshiba’s new TL515Passive 3D series, via HDMI. Wi-Fi provides users with a fast and reliable wireless internet connection, while USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 with High Speed support offers incredible transfer speeds between the laptop and peripheral devices.

Available in a Shiny Red finish, this laptop features a distinctive wavelet pattern across the chassis lid, while a carbon pattern on the inside palm rest gives the laptop a premium finish. Additionally, the EasyControl bar includes seven dedicated buttons, set above the matt black keyboard, providing users with feather-touch control over multimedia and 3D features. Price is $1,799.