Everyone’s favorite music streaming app makes it to the top of the free app list.

Google Mobile

Allowing you to search your Google Calendars, Documents, and other native programs, including Google Goggles, the Google Mobile app is a good one to have on hand.

Movies by Flixster

This loaded app lets you view movie trailers and showtimes and get reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

Google Earth

View the globe from your couch in the same high resolution quality you find on the desktop app with the Google Earth iPad app.


Find the highest-rated restaurants in your city with the Yelp app that has a beautiful look on the iPad.


Not only can you see movie trailers, showtimes, and reviews, but you can also purchase your tickets right from the Fandango app right on your iPad.


Control your iTunes and Apple TV (including AirPlay) with the Apple Remote app.


Flip through the latest offerings and organize your titles on a virtual bookshelf with the iBooks app that gives you access to mountains of titles.

The Bible

One of the biggest sellers ever goes digital with this app that not only allows you to read the good book whenever you want, but also allows you to make digital bookmarks, search for keywords, and even tweet and post your favorite passages to Facebook.


Who doesn’t love Solitaire? This app is a favorite among iPad users thanks to the wider play area and variety of card games available.