Farcast TV is built on the Farcast platform, a next generation content repurposing platform. Farcast TV allows consumers to start their own TV channel filled with content created via a mobile device. Farcast TV can be embedded into any weblog or website creating an enhanced experience for visitors.

Farcast TV provides website owners with a few lines of code to incorporate into their website. Movies can be sent from the consumer’s phone to the TV channel either via MMS or via a dedicated application. TV channel managers can invite customers to contribute to the TV channel or they can even allow anyone to post into their channel. All videos are handled by the Farcast platform.

The Farcast platform transcodes, stores, manages and distributes content in all popular web and mobile formats. It incorporates subscription (content owner and consumer), secure content management, transcoding and delivery (push and pull) functionality. The carrier grade platform can be sold as an integrated or remotely hosted solution. Farcast can also be seamlessly integrated into IMS or SIP-based architectures, generating a new breed of rich media applications which encourage the creation and sharing of multimedia content.

Applications developed to date on the Farcast platform include Farcast Reporter, Farcast AudioLink and FeedMe!. Farcast Reporter enables journalists to publish news text, images, audio and video files via their mobile along with GPS-based location tags. Farcast AudioLink distributes regular bulletins with the latest news in audio files to subscribers’ mobiles. Farcast FeedMe! offers webloggers the possibility to make their blogs mobile. Visitors of the weblog can fill in their mobile number and will receive the latest weblog item each time a new post appears on the blog.

“Farcast TV is another step in bringing together the telecom operators, internet and media industries. It changes the way in which users experience television, they no longer only watch it, they create it.” said Robert Westers, product manager of Farcast. With the combination of the Farcast platform and Farcast applications we enable media companies and operators to gain competitive edge in supporting global trends like “user generated content”, “semantic web” and “cross-media”.