To the more than one-third of Canadian wireless consumers who enter into a wireless relationship around this time every year, Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE Wireless) has an important holiday message.

“Don’t lock into a wireless contract you’ll regret,” says Sara Moore, vice president of marketing for the new wireless carrier. “At DAVE Wireless, we’re gearing up to launch our state-of-the-art 3G network and bring Canadians the wireless service and value they deserve.”

According to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), the end of the year is historically the most popular time for wireless engagement. Over the past four years (2005 – 2008), an average of 35 per cent of net new wireless subscribers were added during Q4.

CWTA figures show the Back-to-School timeframe (Q3) trailing behind with average of 30 per cent.

To encourage consumers to hold off on making a wireless commitment this holiday season, the company has introduced its “Competition is Coming” campaign, reinforcing that DAVE Wireless will bring competition and choice to the wireless market.

The print and outdoor media campaign pokes fun at the contract-signing ritual most consumers face. One ad reads: “Like contracts? Go to law school.” Another tells consumers that “No action = the best course of action.”