There has been no shortage
of conversation about online networking in the last year. Communities such as
Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are a fantastic resource to all – But what are
the true business benefits of social networking?

“Social networking sites are great to catch-up with old friends, share
photographs, music and links but in this climate does the executive community
have time for this?” asked Spencer Green CEO of – the business
networking service. “Credit isn’t the only casualty of the crunch: time is
another scarce resource for executives, they need immediate value when
online.” And reports show he is right with 200,000 executives world-wide
flooding to his business site for answers since its re-launch on May 11th

US executives are leading the way with nearly 100,000 new active members
from companies such as Wal-mart, GE, Procter and Gamble, Citi and Shell
signing up. “The influx of new US business members could be associated to the
Economic downturn or just simply because the American executive is more innate
to the new technology, either way they have embraced the site and are reaching
out to the world through” – Harlan Davis, Director,

The sites features include free video conferencing and roundtable
functionality, instant messaging, email, calendar, a fully searchable
whitepaper module, and most importantly, ‘smartwords’ – an intelligent spine
around which the whole site sits.” was built on an
ever-expanding database of keywords, dedicated to specific industries,”
explains Harlan. “A very cool new central console ‘feeds’ each member specific
content, people, and broadcasts based on their activity across the site – from
the weather, to industry blogs, contacts, and even news from their favorite
newspapers. ‘Smartwords’ means you get everything in one place unique to you,
quickly and easily. And if you want to connect with a network of your
peers/colleagues at the same time, or join in a live peer-led discussion
group, well, you can do that too. It’s the ultimate aggregator.”

Rolling out with the new version is an upgraded of MeettheBossTV, the
online television channel dedicated to business leaders.

Members can pick up leadership lessons and business learning from: Vinton
Cerf, vice president of Google and ‘father’ of the Internet; Werner Vogels,
CTO and vice president for online retail giant and web services supremo,
Amazon; Manfred Fitzgerald, head of brand and design and super-sports car
manufacturer Lamborghini; Gary Steel, EVP and head of Human Resources at
engineering giant ABB, and; Tony Hsieh, CEO of US retail rocket,
and perhaps the sharpest customer service innovator in America today.