The iPhone’s integrated system is not only a phone; it’s a computer with internet, email, gaming, audio/video platform (integrated iPod), still camera, video camera, and more. Basically, everything you do on your computer, your phone, your cameras, your radio and TV (as long as the programming is Podcast). can be accomplished on the iPhone.

But the iPhone not only brings so many communication and entertainment functions together in one sleek index-card sized gadget, it brings many improvements to those functions. It’s phone messaging system, for example, records your list of messages and enables you to choose the ones you want to hear. It enables quick merging of incoming calls while you are speaking with another caller.

The enhanced camera function, at 2 mega-pixels, automatically merges with your laptop or desk computer pictures when plugged in, making it easy to select a grouping of photos from both sources. The iPhone’s keyboard is intuitive, so if your finger slips or you spell something wrong, it corrects instantly. The computer operating system, OS X, enables quick responsive downloads and multi-tasking. And the list goes on and on and on.