Time Warner Telecom , a leading provider of managed voice and data networking solutions for businesses, today announced the successful installation of a full suite of high speed, reliable communications services for Pinnacle Financial Corporation in Orlando. These solutions include metro Ethernet, Ethernet Internet services and voice services.

“Time Warner Telecom’s suite of communications services is exactly what we needed,” said Rick Q. Chin, vice president of Technical Services at Pinnacle Financial. “These voice and data solutions allow us to continue the implementation of a wide range of applications aimed to better utilize our resources, scale for expansion, and increase our efficiency. Pinnacle Financial’s goal is to provide a world class experience to our customers.”

Time Warner Telecom is delivering 10Mbps metro Ethernet to connect three of Pinnacle Financial’s Orlando-area locations. This capability allows Pinnacle Financial to deploy a business VoIP solution as part of its ongoing efforts to manage its telecom needs. Additionally, Pinnacle Financial added Time Warner Telecom’s VersiPak, an integrated voice and data solution, and voice PRI’s to remote locations as part of Pinnacle’s plan to bring each business unit “on-net.”

Pinnacle Financial also contracted Time Warner Telecom for collocation services to support disaster recovery efforts and ensure business continuity. This includes the installation of a 100Mbps point-to-point metro Ethernet connection between the collocation facility and Pinnacle’s headquarters.

“The combination of metro Ethernet, Ethernet Internet and voice solutions are three essential business solutions that allow Pinnacle Financial to realize a lower cost of ownership and improve the way they communicate between their various locations,” said Gabby Nieto, vice president and general manager of Time Warner Telecom in Orlando. “We deliver these types of solutions to more than 11,000 businesses across the country each day.”