The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters recently released the latest version of its Internet-based ONESOURCE Property Tax software.

“With its slick automation and browser navigation, this major upgrade is designed to help property tax professionals be more productive while managing personal property reporting and compliance,” said Richard Nearhood, vice president of Software & Technology for ONESOURCE Property Tax, Thomson Reuters. Included in this new version is the Next Generation Asset Manager, building on the popular functionality and powerful tools that make ONESOURCE Property Tax the market leader.

“We’re excited to introduce the next generation in property tax software,” said Joe Mulcahy, senior vice president and general manager of ONESOURCE Property Tax at Thomson Reuters. “This efficient, powerful application not only enables access to information from anywhere, via the Internet, but also allows faster access to data and more automation of tasks. This decreases manual effort and increases accuracy of property tax work.”

Enhancements to ONESOURCE Property Tax include:

access to the Asset Manager through Internet browser interface;

improved download speeds for large asset queries;

fast scrolling through thousands of assets without paging through data;

intelligently populates the relevant tool sets and data when needed by the user;

automatically analyzes year-to-year cost changes to improve reporting and reconciliation of partial additions and deletions; and,

automatically tracks asset moves to reconcile locations / cost centers to fixed asset systems, creating a better audit trail and accurate reporting.

ONESOURCE Property Tax resides on ONESOURCE, the online platform for corporate tax professionals. Users access ONESOURCE Property Tax gadgets, functionality, and information through a single-sign-on. Licensed users can access other Thomson Reuters corporate tax solutions (such as Checkpoint, ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager, and ONESOURCE Income Tax) through the single-sign-on.