Thinklogical, the worldwide leading provider of high-performance KVM signal extension and switching systems for video-rich big data computing environments, announced today that it achieved record growth in sales, profitability and new customers in 2013, driven by expanded market coverage, new products, and key personnel hires.

"Almost every industry is facing the growing challenge of managing exponentially larger amounts of video-rich big data — and the imperative requirement to keep this data secure — are the engines driving Thinklogical's exceptional sales growth," said Joe Pajer, president and CEO of Thinklogical. "Thinklogical's innovative fiber-optic KVM and video extension and switching systems enable organizations to easily manage and distribute this video-rich content in applications including command and control, video editing, video analysis, live event staging, broadcasting, scientific modeling, simulation, medical operating rooms and air traffic control. Thinklogical is uniquely positioned to help solve complex visual computing problems, improving productivity, increasing efficiency, and ensuring the integrity and security of the data."

Business Growth
Thinklogical generated significant new business in 2013, delivering a broad range of solutions to government and commercial customers in more than 30 countries and setting monthly and quarterly sales records throughout the year. In the government, defense and intelligence sector, the company received large orders from a U.S. military regional command, a European national ministry of defense, and sales to several defense contractors engaged with naval, surveillance and intelligence systems development including UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) programs. Significant sales in the commercial sector included a large installation for a new production studio facility at major U.S. sports broadcasting network, sales to several other national broadcasters and control room systems for nuclear power plant and regional electrical distribution grid operators.

"2013 was a year where we experienced strong growth across all sectors," Pajer said. "Despite the U.S. federal government shutdown, we continued to see growth in demand for military and intelligence solutions, proof of the mission-critical value of Thinklogical to this market. Equally strong was our growth in sales in the broadcast, post-production and energy markets. Entering 2014, our overall pipeline of future opportunities is at an all-time high, with interest from the oil and gas industry, post-production and other global commercial markets stronger than ever."

Company achievements for 2013 include:

Product Innovation

In April, the company announced it was first to market with signal extension products that support the emerging 4K ultra-high-resolution (UHD) video standard. The new Thinklogical SDIXtreme™ solutions enable the extension of SMPTE standard 4K signals from four HD-SDI inputs or two 3G inputs over a single multi-mode or single mode fiber, with no compression, latency, artifacts or lost frames. The new products are in addition to Thinklogical's previously released 4K solutions for single or dual link DVI signals, giving the company the largest portfolio of 4K-ready signal extension and switching products in the marketplace.
In August, Thinklogical announced that it was awarded a European patent for its Multi-Rate Transmission System (MRTS) technology. MRTS enables multiple data streams of uncompressed video, audio and peripheral signals to be combined and transmitted over distances up to 80 km (50 miles) over a single fiber optic cable at 6.25 Gbps bandwidth, using a minimum number of system components and fiber connections.
In November, the company launched several new products offering AV system designers and integrators simpler options to create highly efficient visual computing installations with reduced hardware and fiber requirements. The new products include the Thinklogical Velocity 3 Scaling Receiver, the SDIXtreme 6G+ Dual Fiber 4K Extender Module, the eSATA Extender Module and the HDMI Input Card for Thinklogical Matrix Switches.
In December, Thinklogical announced it had co-developed with Christie a highly secure and easy-to integrate-fiber optic extension solution for Christie® Entero™ HB video wall display cubes. The Thinklogical® VelocityDVI 3 Direct Fiber-Optic Input Card installs directly into the Christie Entero HB cube, providing fiber-optic video signal extension capability at 6.25 Gbps bandwidth without the use of external receivers, power supplies and copper cabling, resulting in fewer points of failure and simpler, cleaner installations.
Also in December, the company announced that its MX48, VX80, VX320A, VX320V and VX640 models fiber-optic KVM matrix switches achieved Common Criteria security certification at Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4), making Thinklogical the only KVM systems provider offering a full line of Common Criteria-accredited fiber-optic matrix switches and video routers supporting a wide range of applications sizes and types. Many government, defense and intelligence agencies, as well as security-sensitive commercial industries such as oil and gas, utilities, healthcare and financial services, require that products purchased be Common Criteria certified.
Industry Leadership

In response to the growing threat of data breeches and cyber-attacks conducted by trusted insiders such as Edward Snowden, the company released in July a comprehensive white paper outlining recommended best practices for designing highly-secure visual computing environments.
In August, Thinklogical launched an educational webcast series that provided users in the Post-Production and Oil and Gas industries with practical advice and real-world best practices for enhancing the performance and security of their visual computing environments.
During the year, the company announced that Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, former U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, Adm. James Stavridis, USN (Ret.), the 16th Supreme Commander of NATO, and Adm. Archie R. Clemins, U.S. Navy (Ret.), the former Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, had joined the Thinklogical Defense and Intelligence Advisory Board. The purpose of the Defense and Intelligence Advisory Board is to foster solution innovation while deepening the company's global relationship with government, military, intelligence and homeland security customers.
Thinklogical's solutions for film, broadcast and post production were the backbone of several major sports television events in 2013. The state-of-the-art EN-1 mobile broadcast truck unit from NEP was used by ESPN for its Monday Night Football broadcasts and was the topic of a Sports Video Group feature article and photo essay. The innovative new freeD three-dimensional replay system from Replay Technologies was installed at Yankee Stadium and the Dallas Cowboy's AT&T Stadium and used in several local and national broadcasts including NBC's Sunday Night Football.
Top Workplace

The company announced in September that it has been named one of the Top Workplaces in Connecticut for 2013 by Workplace Dynamics and Hearst Connecticut Media Group. Of the more than 600 organizations invited, Thinklogical was one of 35 companies selected for this award based on the results of an employee engagement survey.
Expanded Sales and Market Coverage

In May, Thinklogical President and CEO Joe Pajer conducted a series of briefings with the press and business partners in Japan and China, reinforcing the company's commitment to supporting customers in these expanding markets.
Throughout the year, the company added experienced sales leaders to manage and grow opportunities in the oil and gas industry, and expand operations across the western U.S., Europe, Central and Latin America, and Asia-Pacific regions.