Let the game begin! As the official HDTV sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl XLVII, Samsung Canada has something special for those eagerly anticipating The Next Big Thing in Super Bowl ads. Today, Samsung Canada has released a 60-second teaser ad, entitled “El Plato Supreme”, on Samsung social channels as a lead up to the 2-minute ad for the big game on February 3, 2013.

For the second year running, Canadian-based fans will be able to share in the excitement of the Super Bowl ad north of the boarder, with the full 2-minute ad “The Big Pitch,” and an extended cut version with never-been-seen footage set to be released later this week. Consumers will have the opportunity to weigh in on their favorite moments using the hashtag #TheNextBigThing. This spot is in addition to two 15 second spots featuring Samsung SMART TV technology in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the game.

Additional unreleased content, including an exclusive teaser, will be posted later in the week via Samsung social media channels in North America. The full 2-minute ad will be released on game day followed by an extended cut version with never-been-seen footage through Samsung Canada social media channel links:




“The Super Bowl has become a cultural movement amongst sports and pop culture fans alike,” said Ken Price, Director of Marketing, Mobile Communications, Samsung Canada. “The Next Big Thing campaign has allowed us the flexibility to tap into significant cultural moments and relevant conversations while showcasing our innovation.”

The Super Bowl is a global spectacle that millions of people crowd in front of their televisions for every year and with an estimated 7.3 million Canadian viewers taking in last year’s Big Game, it’s inevitable that social commentary takes place off the field. During the 2012 Super Bowl, a record 15 million tweets were tracked over the course of the game, with over 12 thousand per second. To ensure Canadians don’t miss a minute, Samsung’s SMART TVs feature on-screen connectivity to Twitter and Facebook applications via Social TV, allowing audiences to keep up with the action digitally and socially.

In 2012, Samsung Electronics aired its first Super Bowl ad launching a new category of smartphones with the Galaxy Note. The ad, which was developed by 72 and Sunny, and LA-based agency won the Twitter Ad Scrimmage that included 30 brands and 42 spots. The Galaxy Note went on to sell 10 million devices globally in 9 months followed by the Note II which sold 5 million devices globally in 2 months.