Infinity Entertainment Inc. and FSD International join forces to bring the Turbine Toucan, the highest performance biplane in history, to the virtual world.

The Turbine Toucan represents the highest thrust-to-weight ratio aircraft in the world today, including any current jet fighter in the U.S. arsenal. At a ratio of 1.65:1, the Turbine Toucan can not only hover but also accelerate vertically. The record-breaking performance demonstrated by the Turbine Toucan will open the world to aerobatic maneuvers never performed or witnessed before.

"What makes taking the Turbine Toucan virtual so exciting is it gives people the opportunity to be inventive and create maneuvers that have never been performed before. Instead of emulating what has been done in the real world, Microsoft Flight Sim pilots have the opportunity to break boundaries and be creatively expressive in the process," says Infinity Entertainment CEO David Kervinen.