is live. It is the world’s first bilingual Chinese-English internet portal with specialized language tools. Messages can be written and translated online in Chinese or English.

Bilingual webmail is the world’s first bilingual e-mail developed to meet the market demands of increased communication between Chinese and English speaking communities. One of the flagship features is a web-based Chinese Input Method Editor (IME) that provides users the ability to write e-mail in Chinese online. With its innovative solution, addresses the needs of millions of international business people, foreigners studying Chinese, Chinese students studying abroad, and Chinese tourists travelling to the West. Previously, these users encountered situations where computers were not equipped with a Chinese IME or not configured properly.

Language tools

Chinglish bilingual e-mail also boasts a variety of other language tools, most notably automated translation. Messages can be translated in real-time from Chinese to English and vice versa. By offering translation and Chinese IME within a webmail application, overcomes the communication barrier separating China and the West.

Chinese and English: the major languages of the future

Marius van Bergen, CEO of explains: “Currently 300 million Chinese people are learning English and 30 million non-Chinese speakers are studying Chinese. These numbers will continue to grow and sees its mission in facilitating communication between speakers of Chinese and English. I would even venture to say that has a unifying role to play within the Chinese community itself, because it supports simplified Chinese, which is used in the People’s Republic of China and Singapore, and traditional Chinese, used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. As far as we are concerned, international organizations will only have two official languages of work in the future: Chinese and English. Our portal can save billions of dollars in translation and interpretation costs.”