Here’s a list you won’t see published soon by game console manufacturers — the top 10 things you can do on your Wii, xBox 360 and PS3 that doesn’t involve playing any games. That’s right. No games — but free and personal entertainment for the exploding population of more than 28 million households with a game console in the United States alone. Using any major game console and Orb Network’s ( free software, gamers can now consume all of the digital media on their PC — music, videos, photos and more — on their preferred screen — the TV.

“Gamers are using Orb’s free media software to bring internet and PC content to the TV screen using the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft xBox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3,” said Herve Utheza, Vice President and General Manager of television properties at Orb Networks. “When game console manufacturers provided access to the Internet, it ushered in a whole new world of entertainment. Gamers jumped at the chance to use their consoles for other things besides playing games. Equally significant, content providers are realizing how this is changing our media consumption behavior.”

Utheza went on to say one of the biggest attractions to the game console/Orb combination is that it doesn’t require any new equipment, cost or time, neither for the gamer, nor for the content provider. “You simply download Orb onto your home PC, walk 10 feet to your study, access the Internet from your game console, and you suddenly have access to everything that is on your computer — music, videos, movies — and everything that is streamed from the web, all on the biggest screen in the house.”

Orb’s Top 10 List for Gamers

So, how are gamers using Orb with game consoles? Below is a list of the top 10 things gamers are doing with their game consoles when not playing games.

1. Watching movies, videos, and movie trailers downloaded to the PC on
their big screen TV.

2. Watching video game preview clips and trailers highlighting upcoming
games on the big screen TV.

3. Listening to their entire music collection on the TV surround sound
music system.

4. Sharing favorite gaming videos and recordings without any size, time
or upload restrictions.

5. Watching YouTube videos in big screen format.

6. Watching live and recorded Internet TV (i.e. European soccer games,
foreign language TV, and so much more) on the big screen TV.

7. Using a webcam for live videoconferencing with friends.

8. Watching a slideshow from their photo collections on their home TV
during dinner.

9. Sharing home and Internet videos, music, and photos with friends and
family to watch on TVs at home — or watch the media that friends and
family share with you.

10. Listening to their favorite internet radio station on the surround
sound system.