The United Nations Visitor Center and The New York Water Way are just a few organizations in the North East that were hit by Sandy but never experienced a minute of computer down time. Why? The reason is simply that they have a Virtualized Environment provided by Thin-nology. Thin-nology is a privately held business solutions provider headquartered in Austin, Texas. For nearly 10 years, Thin-nology has used well-defined and sophisticated technology to help businesses reduce operational costs, decrease network downtime, and increase security. All their systems, data and operations were running the entire time Sandy pounded the North East.

In the aftermath of Sandy, the NY Subway was down and the bus service was almost non-existent. The New York Water Way kept functioning as normal. A big reason for their ability to function as normal was a decision they made some three years ago to join the Thin-nology VOSP System. Thin-nology’s President, Kathryn Grona, reports that they have seen a huge increase in both web traffic and ticket sales processed through their system ever since Tuesday afternoon. As residents of New York, New Jersey, and the Northeast were forced to find alternative ways to get to their workplace safely, the NYWW was able to provide that option. Having their systems located in Austin isolated The New York Water Way from the ravages of Sandy. This enabled them to conduct business as usual for their regular customers, and more importantly, the throngs of other people who found themselves unable to use the subway or bus systems.

The decision to move your IT system to a virtual environment is made more and more by businesses that want to decrease costs and downtime. In all cases it comes down to a business decision and in most cases the virtual choice makes the most sense.