“The .Tel domain offers the first genuinely different use of domains since .com was first created. It will provide seamless integration of existing methods of communication with emerging technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP). This places the .Tel domain at the core of the next phase of Internet development,” said Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnic.

“The days of needing to remember several telephone numbers, numerous VoIP or instant message identities and other points of contact for our social and professional networks are over. By leveraging innovative DNS (Domain Name System) technology, the .Tel domain will allow anyone to publish and control, in real time, how they can be reached.”

The .Tel domain will enable people to reach a business from any Internet enabled device (computer or mobile) simply by typing, for example, “Hertz.tel”. The user will then be able to connect directly to a Hertz representative or navigate through a list of services that Hertz may offer. Businesses can easily extend their brands into this new space and enhance the way customer inquiries are handled.

In addition, individuals can use the .Tel domain to publish and update their contact information directly in the DNS. These individuals will decide, in real time, by what means their friends and colleagues will be able to reach them. This could include: VoIP, conventional telephony (fixed-line or wireless), email, SMS, Skype, AIM and many more.

Telnic will release free applications to allow .tel domains to be integrated with the commonly used address books found in computer systems and mobile phones. This innovation will offer a unique experience distinct from any other top level domain.