DailyXY.com, Canada's daily online publication for urban men, released the results of a survey of 285 men that revealed that 44% of their readers have landed in hot water with their partners because of Facebook. Despite Tiger Woods' experience, guys said that neither text messages (28%) nor emails (29%) were as destructive to relationships.

Perhaps contributing to this relationship trouble was the finding that 77% of men say they remain Facebook friends with exes.

In a surprising twist, 28% of respondents claim they share their passwords with their partners.  And a whopping 55% said that Facebook had facilitated a hook-up.

According to relationship counselor Aliza Shupac, "Facebook has radically changed the way we date, creating a venue for relationships to play out in front of entire social networks." What's more, she adds, "Facebook offers the ability to peer into others' lives in the earliest stages of a relationship. So many pictures of past or potential partners can create unnecessary jealousy."

Readers shared some of their Facebook horror stories:

  • "After my girlfriend and I had been dating for a month, she went to Barcelona for 10 days. While away, she saw that I'd commented on an ex-girlfriend's wall about a very revealing top she was wearing. I felt her rage from across the Atlantic."
  • "She said we were 'In a Relationship' and I took too long to reciprocate. Needless to say, I wasn't in that relationship for much longer."
  • "My ex found out I was sleeping with another girl by creeping my wall. She also, unfortunately, knew my password and wrote the new girl threatening messages from my account."

"I'm not surprised people are having these experiences," says Russell Smith, DailyXY's executive editor. "Facebook is a massive machine for the generation of jealousy. If you decide you're going to live your entire life in public – and monitor everyone else's daily life too – you're at risk for relationship stress."